Rates and Services

Shared paddock - $250/month/horse

Pasture - $200/month/horse

Partial Care Options Available - Contact us for rates

Discounts - offered for multi horse and 4-H. Call today for more info on discounts. 

What's Included:

  • High quality local grass hay (see facilities page for more info on the hay we feed) or pasture (in season)
  • Feeding of owner provided grain or supplements one time per day for Stall or Paddock boarding (grain must be portioned out in zip lock bags)
  • Stall/paddock cleaning
  • Trailer parking
  • Use of shared tack shed for tack storage
  • Turnout at least three times per week
  • Owners live on site, horses are checked on multiple times per day 

What's Extra:

Blanketing​: $10/time

Grain feeding more than 1x/day or shared stall or pasture: $5/time


Q: What if my horse can't eat the hay you provide?

A: You will need to provide your own hay.  

Q: How much hay do you feed per day?

A: All horses are on free fed grass hay with slow feed hay nets. 

Q: Since grain isn't included will you feed grain and/or supplements? 

A: Feeding of owner provided grain and supplements is included in the stall boarding rates. Owner must portion out the grain in zip lock's. The fee for feeding grain in the shared paddocks is $5/time. 

Q: Do you have a good farrier and do you schedule a farrier day? 

A: Yes! Our farrier is wonderful and we do schedule a day for him to come.

Q: Do you have a good vet and do you schedule a vet day? 

A: Yes! We use Countryside Animal Hospital and Block & Bridle.   

Q: Can I lease my horse out if it is boarded with you?

A: Yes! We do require all riders on the property to sign a release though. 

Q: What is your policy on helmets?

A: We encourage all riders to wear helmets (especially beginners) but do require them for children.